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Who We Are

We are funded by the charity Classics for All and our aim is to promote and develop classics in schools across the region, and to give state school pupils the same educational opportunities as their peers in independent schools. We are a combination of the London and South East Network, and the Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Network.

What We Do

We provide FREE support for schools wishing to introduce Classics.  Our support includes training for non-specialist teachers, the opportunity to join a wider network of teachers and be part of teach-meets, joint CPD, and other events.  We share recommended resources and materials, so that teachers feel confident in delivering the subject, even if they are not a subject specialist.  The map here shows the area our networks cover, and gives you an idea of how many schools are part of our community.

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Heartlands pupils at the 'Living with go

Why Classics?

Classical subjects are accessible to every student,  are suitable for primary and secondary schools and are interdisciplinary. They help with our understanding of the  world, improve our knowledge of English, provide a great basis for learning other languages, and enrich our lives.

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