KCL Lecture Recordings

These are the unedited versions of the KCL lectures that took place this past year.  For the fully edited versions please click on the button below to take you to the KCL Website.


Key Stage 5 English and Classics KCL Talk - 'The Great Gatsby' and 'The Dinner of Trimalchio': Decadence in New York and Ancient Rome, Dr Emily Pillinger

This talk shows how one of the greatest loved American novels of the twentieth century emerged from Fitzgerald's reading of a much less well-known ancient Roman novel by Petronius. It explores how both novels speak to the inequality, corruption, and cynicism of their contemporary worlds, and in the process demonstrates to students that the combined study of English and Classics is a rich and valuable degree focus.

Nero and Agrippina coin.jpg

Key Stage 5 A Level Ancient History KCL Talk - Julio-Claudian Period Study: 'Nero and the Agrippina Murder Mystery', Professor Dominic Rathbone

The 30-minute talk will address the Ancient History A level compulsory period study ‘ The Julio-Claudian Emperors, 31 BC–AD 68’ with a particular focus on our sources on Nero’s reign and the death of Agrippina.

Hadrian's Wall.jpg

Key Stage 5 A Level Ancient History KCL Talk - Optional depth study:  'Ruling Roman Britain, AD 43–c.128’, Dr John Pearce

This talk focused on the Optional Depth Study, Roman Britain, and looked at the Vindolanda Tablets, and other aspects of Roman Britain included on the A Level syllabus. Click here for a teaching resource that has been designed by teachers to be used alongside this video, including a summary of the video and a lesson plan and ideas for discussion.


Key Stage 5 A Level Ancient History KCL Talk - Greek Period Study Talks and Discussion, Dr Lindsay Allen and Dr Irene Polinskaya

The talks start with a brief presentation by Dr Pavlos Avlamis about the Classics Department at KCL (5-10 minutes) and then there are about 45 minutes between Dr Allen and Dr Polinskaya.

The presentation opens with a general introduction to the historical period covered in the Greek period study. This introduction is followed by two paired focused discussions: Dr Allen has 15 minutes on Persian sources on the specification in relation to the topic; Dr Polinskaya concludes with 15 minutes on Greek sources.  Click here (Dr Allen's section) and here (Dr Polinskaya's second section) for two teaching resources that have been designed by teachers to be used alongside this video, each focusing on a different aspect of the video, including lesson plans and a sample exam question.