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Ancient History Teachers' Day

Tuesday 21st February at Harrow School

Harrow School is hosting an Ancient History Teachers’ Day, free and open to all teachers who teach or are interested in teaching Ancient History at GCSE or A-Level.

It will be a great way to share teaching strategies, and learn a bit more about the specification if you don’t already teach it.

Sign up link is here:

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The schedule for the day (subject to change if anyone wants to pitch in a seminar idea!)

Tuesday 21 February (subject to addition of new sessions)

9.30am                                 Welcome & coffee

10am                                     Masterclass Slot 1: GCSE

                                             Option a) Introducing Ancient History into the Curriculum (James Melville, Harrow)

                                             Option b) Persian Depth v Period Study (Robbie Tominey-Nevado & Nick Burns, Harrow)

10.30am-11am                 Masterclass Slot 2: GCSE & A-Level

                                             Option a) GCSE: Cleopatra (Tara Atkinson, Nower Hill School)

                                             Option b) A-Level: ‘Greek period: useful sources which aren’t prescribed' (James Renshaw, G&L)

11-11.30                             Break & Coffee

11.30-12.30                       Tour of Gallery and Archives: Greek Pottery, handling sources, Papyri from Harrow Collection

Time for lunch 12.30-2.00pm

Lunch will not be provided, but there is space if you wish to bring your own. There are also several nice restaurants and cafes around the Hill within easy walking distances (less than 2 minutes).

2.00pm                               Masterclass Slot 3: A-Level

                                             A-Level: The Julio-Claudians (Dr Robert Cromarty, Wellington College)

2.30pm                              Masterclass Slot 4: A-Level

                                             Option a) Roman Republic (Dr Mike Beer, University of Exeter)

                                             Option b) Athenian Culture questions and topics (Alexander Griffith-Jones, Harrow)

3-3.30pm                           Coffee

3.30pm                                Lecture by Professor Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, Cardiff, on Cleopatra

4.30-                                    Plenary drinks in our SCR, those who want to stay, and we will organise an informal dinner at a nice local restaurant, with lots of conversation about Classics!

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