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In-Person Enrichment Day with KCL: Image

A Day with the KCL Classics Department

5th July 2023

See below for the programme of the in-person day with the Classics Department at King's College London.

Once registration is closed we will send round a form for parents/guardians to complete, giving consent for you to be part of the day.  For our full safeguarding policy, parents/guardians can contact us directly:

In-Person Enrichment Day with KCL: Text

Meet at the British Museum (exact meeting place and time will be sent after registration has closed)

Morning session - British Museum, 10am - 11:30am (exact time TBC): Will Wootton and Mike Trapp on objects from the collection from an archaeological perspective and from the perspective of ancient thought and literature.

Lunch (Details/Time TBC)

Afternoon session 1 - KCL, 1pm - 2pm (exact time TBC): James Corke-Webster: 'Living on the Edge in Roman Britain' (ancient history interactive taster)

Afternoon session 2 - KCL, 2:15pm - 3:15pm (exact time TBC): Emily Pillinger: ‘Latin loving: Catullus and the urban dictionary’ (cultural context and a taster on how translation of words plays into cultural interpretation, i.e. a sense of what is the endpoint of language learning)

Plenary - KCL, 3:15 - 3:30pm (exact time TBC)

In-Person Enrichment Day with KCL: Text
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