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News and Updates from London and the South East

December 2020

I'm delighted to be launching this website now after our networks have been running for a few years.  It's been a busy few years for both Linda and me in our respective networks.  In London and the South East we now have over 300 schools in total, some of whom have been part of the Classics for All network of schools since 2010!  In the last few years, our networks have grown immensely, and each year my aim for my network is to bring in around 20 new primary schools and 20 new secondary schools.  This past year, despite COVID-19, we managed to reach this target, which I was thrilled about.  I think 2020-2021 might be a bit more challenging, but with my usual enthusiasm, determination, and a bit of help from all of you, I am sure we can reach this year's target!

I have been particularly pleased with the number of schools choosing to introduce Classics on the curriculum.  Almost all the primary schools that have applied for grants this year are introducing Latin to the whole of Key Stage 2.  That is, on average, around 250 pupils per school doing Latin, which is fantastic!  A number of secondary schools are also introducing some form of Classics on the curriculum at Key Stage 3, either as part of another subject, or in addition to their other subjects.

It is wonderful to see how engaged pupils are in learning Classics, and how much they gain from being exposed to the subject. 

Linda and I have thoroughly enjoyed delivering training to teachers throughout the year, and have been impressed by the enthusiasm and willingness of the teachers to learn Latin or Greek.

Here's to an interesting year, and all that everyone has achieved in the strangest and most uncertain circumstances!

News and Updates from London and the South East: News


Click below for all the Newsletters that have been sent to schools over the last few years.  Events have obviously happened, but you can see the kinds of events and training we host, and also read about how schools have introduced Classics, and find useful and interesting links.

News and Updates from London and the South East: Text

Check back again in the New Year for updates from specific schools and other news.

News and Updates from London and the South East: Text
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